“The most important aspect of tithing and stewardship is not the raising of money for the church, but the development of devoted Christians.” Fred M. Wood

    When you hear the word “stewardship” in the local church most attendees say under their breath, “Here we go again, another message on tithing. That’s all our preacher knows, money, money, money.”

    Stewardship is more than money, money, money. Stewardship is about learning to trust the Lord in all things. It is trusting Him to help you in witnessing for Him. It is trusting Him to help you through the difficult issues you face in your life. It is trusting Him when you do not see the answer. It is trusting Him with all your worldly possessions.

    Stewardship is defined as “taking oversight of another’s possessions.” We are stewards of God’s possessions! God has entrusted us with everything that we have: our houses, our cars, our jobs, our children, and every other possession that we own. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 4:2, “Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.” As stewards over God’s possessions, we are to be found faithful. Faithfulness means that we are to faithfully administer God’s possessions for His Glory.

    Stewarding our homes is important. Following God’s plan for the home: i.e. husbands and wives submitting to one another under the authority of Christ. Children obeying their parents in the Lord for this is right. When our homes have the right order, there is harmony and peace.

    Stewarding our finances. When a person has a proper relationship with their finances they will trust the Lord to help them in making the right decisions in spending, buying, saving, and giving. Giving to the Lord should never be done out of necessity or burden, but out of a willing heart, trusting the Lord in all things.

    Stewarding our jobs. Our jobs should never control our lives. By that I do not mean that we are to take our employment lightly or arbitrarily. We should work for our employer faithfully, honestly, and with loyalty. We should be good stewards of our time while we are on the job and do the best job that we can. We should not take off or be late excessively. We should not use the employer’s time to: talk on the phone (unless it is for the company); text and use social media (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.); waste time talking, gossiping, and sleeping.

    Stewarding our time. Our time should be guarded with the utmost care. Wasting time on such things as television, the internet, social media, and other things that detract from time with the Lord, the Church, and the family. As good stewards of our time, we should make time for Bible reading, prayer, and the work of the Lord.

    The next time that the preacher mentions stewardship your mind should evaluate how you are doing in terms of your time, talent, and tithe. Trust the Lord to lead you and guide you in your service to Him. I guarantee you that He will never infringe on your family time, rest time, or your finances without rewarding you abundantly.


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